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All pricing is subject to change due to current availability and holiday weekends. Check the calendar under contact tab for availability.

PT6A Borescope $800 Each

JT15D Borescope $800 Each

PW600 Borescope $1200 Each

PW300 Borescope 305 306 307 308 $2500 Each

GE CF34 Borescope 1200HR Borescope $2500 Pre-buy $3000 Each

Ingestion, bird strike & FOD are on a price per engine and $1000 a day to remove debris etc.


Air travel will require a non refundable deposit for Airfare, Hotel, Car rental & 1/2 Borescope price.

Travel time is based on a 8 hour day at $1000 per day.

Car travel is based on mileage. 3 hour drive max from Austin, TX.

If you're a Aircraft broker and buy a bad engine that you want to look good in a pre buy report DON'T call me.

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